RESFES 2020 – An opportunity no longer limited to FPT Education students

Research Festival 2020 (ResFes) – the research competition held by FPT Education had officially started. This is an opportunity for students of FPT Education to exchange and share knowledge regarding technology, business management, linguistics… with others from universities in HCMC as well as some from international schools.

This year’s topic “Worldwide Pandemic the 1st day?” focuses on creating solutions for economic development and tech innovations for assistance in the medical, education, business managements fields, and so on.

This is the first competition held by FPT Education to focus on the four fields of Information technology, Business management, Linguistics, and Graphic design – equivalent to 4 specialized segments. Competitors will take part in 2 rounds: the Preliminaries and the Finals. In the Preliminaries, judges will consider research projects/product descriptions or product demo prototypes from FPT Education students.

8 teams with the most excellent projects in each of the 4 above fields will move onto the Finals, where they compete with teams from other divisions. In the Finals, teams will prepare posters for demonstrating their projects, as well as give presentations and defend their full papers in front of the judge panel.

Total prize of the Reseach Festival 2020 amounts up to 100 million VND, with myriads of attractive awards awaiting students from FPT Edu in the final round in HCMC on the upcoming 10-11 October 20.

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