Dr. Nguyen Van Thien

Dr. Nguyen Van Thien

Faculty of Mathematics

Interested Fields: Mathematics

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Personal information

  • Full name: Nguyen Van Thien
  • Sex: Male
  • Nationality: Vietnamese
  • Email: thiennv15@fe.edu.vn


  • 2018: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Jagiellonian University
  • 2012: Master 2 in fundamental Mathematics, Institute Fourier, Grenoble Alps University , Grenoble, France
  • 2011: Master 1 in Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics, VAST, Vietnam
  • 2009: B.S. in Mathematics, Hanoi National University, Vietnam

Research Interest

Complex Hessian Operator, Monge-Amp`ere Operators, K¨ahler manifolds, Applied mathematics


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