Algonquin College’s Manager of International Programs and Projects visited Hoa Lac Campus

Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Venue: Meeting room 104R, Hoa Lac Campus, FPT University Hanoi


  • From Algonquin College, Canada: Mr. Damien Dunne, Manager of International Programs and Projects , International Education Centre
  • From FPT University: personnel from the Office of Science Management and Internaitonal Affairs, Curriculum Development, IC-PDP, and department of Graphic Design

Discussion topics:

  • Long-term programs proposal: senior year Animation majors’ thesis and capstone projects supervised by professors from Algonquin College’s Animation program. FPT U students will enroll in at least one semester at Algonquin where they will attend academic courses and get supervision from the Animation program’s professors.
  • Short-tern programs proposal:

+ Cultural exchange for FPT U students to Algonquin College: 2 weeks duration, non-credit, customized based on students’ majors

+ Short term exchange for Algonquin College to FPT U: similar format, might conduct a trial program at FPT U’s Danang campus on the near future

  • Other proposals: dual credentials program where FPT U students enroll in a 4-yr FPT U program as well as a 2-yr Algonquin college program and get both degrees at graduation.

Social :

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