Mr. Bui Dinh Chien

Interested Fields: Computer Science

Journal papers

  1. Ngô Tùng SơnBùi Ngọc Anh, Trần Thị Thúy, Lê Phương ChiBùi Đình Chiến et al., Some Algorithms to Solve a Bi-Objectives Problem for Team Selection, Appl. Sci., Vol.10 Iss 08 (2020), 2700. (04/2020, Q1 (SJR 0.38), Google Scholar).
  2. Ngô Tùng SơnBùi Ngọc AnhTrần Quý BanLê Phương ChiBùi Đình Chiến et al., Implementing CCTV-Based Attendance Taking Support System Using Deep Face Recognition: A Case Study at FPT Polytechnic College, Symmetry, Vol. 12 No. 02 (2020), 307. (02/2020, Q2 (SJR 0.29), Google Scholar).

Conference papers

  1. Ho Vinh Thanh, Le Thi Hoai An, Bui Dinh Chien, Online DC optimization for online binary linear classification, ACIIDS 2016: Intelligent Information and Database Systems pp 661-670. (06/2016, Scopus, Google Scholar).